Two couples secretly cheat on each other behind their backs!


On the Saturday we moved into the house, our neighbors from the cul-de-sac came over in a delegation to introduce themselves. There were three couples. Romy and Jeny lived to one side of us. Bill was an insurance salesman; I guessed his age to be somewhere in his early forties and he looked like one of those squash maxtube fanatics. He was balding but wiry. His wife was short and kind of dumpy with mousy brown hair but seemed to be full of nervous energy. I don’t think she sat still for a moment that she was in our house.

On our other side were the Taylors. Goby and Jessica. He was a lawyer and I found him to be a greasy individual. Vasi held onto Bonnie’s hand for a fraction too long as he introduced himself. Slightly taller than me and probably in his fifties he was stocky with a pronounced pot belly, and he wore far too much bear cologne. Jessica was a trophy wife as far as I could see.

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Added on: January 7, 2023