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I awkwardly squatted over her as she sat on the toilet. I aimed my cock at the entrance of her comici pussy. A moan left her mouth and she shifted slightly as I accidentally plunged into her pussy completely. I had intended on slowly pressing my way in, but the awkward angle essentially forced me to slip in faster than I planned in brasov . I was taken aback as her pussy conformed and convulsed around my cock. I almost didn’t want to move, but instinct took over and the animalistic nature of the act of fucking .

I hadn’t grabbed my phone to record, and in the back of my mind I wanted dedicatie to. But the warm velvet walls of her pussy, and the tight grip massaging my cock distracted me from even giving the idea of recording this a second thought. Plus my hands were busy exploring every inch of fonfy lovers body as I thrusted into her. Her tits shaking with every push I almost came right there. But I stopped sucking myself. Moans and ecstacy were escaping her lips every other thrust before she eventually looks at me.

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