Skinny Brunette Fucked Rough Anal Sex


Maria was so wet that Bill’s cock slid all the way in with a single stroke. I wondered at that moment how strong the chaise was and whether it could take their combined weight and the pounding Bill was giving Maria. Although I’d rather it was me pounding into that fine pussy, I am a bit of a voyeur and enjoy watching Maria having sex. She was fucking a relative stranger and did it with gusto. She didn’t look like she was doing it because it is her job. Her long slender legs came up off the chaise and she wrapped them around Bill’s waist and she used her heels on his butt like she was spurring on a horse to go faster. I wish I still had the stamina that Bill has. I finally saw him tense his butt up and press into her and stop pounding while he was releasing his semen into Maria’s pussy. He collapsed onto her as they caught their breath.

When he finally rolled off of her and started getting dressed, Maria leaned over to the table next to the chaise and retrieved an envelop with Bill’s fee in it with an added tip for a job well done. Bill wouldn’t know it, but she had two envelopes there. If he hadn’t fucked her, he would have gotten the envelop with only his fee in it. She, in effect, paid him for fucking her. Bill wouldn’t know he was now a gigolo.

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Added on: January 17, 2021