Mom Says, “April fools? Your dick was inside me!”


I took her head in my hands and directed her to the place I needed her to lick and she responded in fine fashion. She spread my pussy lips and attacked my bluf clit with her tongue and then sucked on it and I thought I would explode. She fingered me like she knew where to go and soon was massaging my special spot and I was lost in fetish pleasure. Several minutes of this and I was so close to orgasm and suddenly she stuck her finger up my ass.

That was all I could stand and I went into convulsions as my cumshot swept over me. I pulled on my nipples as my sister licked my crotch like mad woman. The second wave of extasy took over and I rolled my head to the side and all I could see was Tom stroking his hard cock as he got to witness his fantasy. As my breathing slowed and I came back to reality, I pushed my stepsister away from me and stood up.

She kind of looked at me with a strange look and I grabbed her by the hair and instructed her, “Get your fucking ass on the couch, bitch, now!” Star Tube looked at me and smiled. I knew she liked to be dominated a little. She climbed on the couch and rolled on her back.

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