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Zane left escort Antonia there and quickly walked next door to Julie’s house. He went through the back gates, gave a quick knock on the back door, then let himself in. The possibility of walking in on what he had walked in on last week excited him, especially since he knew there were even more girls here tonight. Some who might be very tempting.

As he walked around the doorway into the living room he saw… nothing special. All the girls were gathered around the kitchen table drinking and laughing and just your standard party. They had just finished opening presents. Nothing “fun” had even started. How boring.

Escorte Suceava saw him first and came running over to jump on him and give him a big kiss. Ruxandra and Carly quickly followed. They all kissed and hugged and said hello. Carly was ready to start showing him all of the kinky new birthday presents the girls had gotten her, but he stopped her. Escorte Timisoara had an even better gift for her.

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Added on: March 7, 2021