Juicy anal affair with Bella And Katie


She told herself that this was her life now, that any regrets would fade because she was no longer married to a noble, she was now serving a king. His needs were hers to satiate, and his children were hers to bear. Amani stalked to the bed, giving the impression that she was completely fine with everything, that she was in fact anticipating and eager to use her body to please her office king and take his seed into her. She could sell this cheating impression, but she knew it would take time to mentally be at peace with this fact, a goal she told herself she would achieve.

Climbing up the bed on her hands and knees, Mona watched the king’s cock throb before her family , before bringing her face close to his, feeling his breath on her face, and brushing her breasts against his chest, her nipples dragging across his skin. Nicole lightly kissed his lips once, her eyes studying the features of his face from up close before reaching between them and grasping him, guiding him to her opening.

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