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Jack continued to lap at the fresh flood of womanly nectar, but soon Karen had to push him away from her over stimulated pussy. She lay panting on the first page for several minutes in the euphoric after glow of her first canine induced orgasm. Jack sat softly whining as if he wanted more. Karen sat up and looked at him. His tongue lolled out of his pissing mouth as he panted but the sight of his bright red cock poking out of its sheath blog captured her attention.

It was only out a few inches but she could see how big and thick it was. Karen had always been a bit of a ‘size queen’, that’s why she liked Jason so much. Now she was seeing jucării anale something even bigger and it was making her uncomfortably horny.

Jack stood and moved closer. She lovingly scratched his head and stroked the soft fur down his body, moving prostituate hands closer to his mighty penis. Once she reached his sheath, her hand closed around the furry cover. The heat of his cock was intense and she slowly stroked him.

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Added on: October 11, 2022